Tour Nodeste

Tour Nodeste

, , Nordeste/São Miguel


Nordeste is the oldest  part of the island of S.Miguel. It is known for its beautiful gardens and belvederes, which are worth visiting.  The region is known to be the most European rich region in species of flowers.  During the tour of Nordeste we visit the beautiful waterfall, Ribeira dos Caldeirões.    Next to the waterfall is an old water mill and beautiful gardens.   In the village of Nordeste we will have time to walk around the village.  From Nordeste we continue further to the south-east part of the island to Povoaçao and stopping on the way at garden viewpoints. Should the weather permit we will explore the dirt track through Tronqueira.     It is also home to the rare and endangered Azores bullfinch bird or known under the local name of Priolo. In this region we also find the highest point of Sao Miguel island, the Pico da Vara  at 1103 meters of altitude. We will be having our lunch in Povoação and also have time after lunch to walk around. The excellent views from Salto do Cavalo is not to be missed as we over look both the Furnas crater and Povoação.


Full Day Tour - from 9:30am to 5pm.

€75 per person - lunch included.

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